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Monday, December 19, 2011

Year in Review: 2

Port of Spain is a beautiful city and has really beautiful morning skies. During my visit, the worst that can happen was losing photos of the entire stay including that of a Carnival. Before my flight, I picked up my camera in really earning morning hours and started shooting whatever time left before heading for the airport. All these pictures were taken between 5:00 a.m to 7:00 a.m. It was really dark until I reached Piarco Intl. Airport and took a few final shots in proper light. It is my desire to visit Port of Spain once more to highlight its energetic and very friendly people alongside beautiful landscape.

At the Piarco Intl. Airport, Trinidad, West Indies. Almost all flights were 3 or 4 hours late and that was my first time ever to experience a flight delay. It sucks because if I had known that, I would never had made it on time and would have taken a few more shots of the city (all I needed was 2 hours whereas our flight was 3 hours late). The attendants for the elderly and the disabled people were "extremely rude" and need to behave otherwise, they should be fired right away! Trinidad and Tobago has a high rate of joblessness and they can find excellent replacements to work at the airport. On the other hand, attendants and all the staff at Hilton was excellent which shows that there is no dearth of good and professional people around!

The photos above were taken at Hilton in Port of Spain. The beds were veeery uncomfortable and were too high. Not every guest is 180cm or 6 feet tall, moreover, have they ever thought of the guests who are old and frail??? I really doubt it. In addition, there are only 2 rooms reserved for the disabled and senior people- why?? Hilton TT, please look into these issues!

I loved the idea that all the light posts have nice maxims hanging all over the city. Nobody can escape reading them and it is fun.

The newly built Performing Arts Center.

Mosque of Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago and right across from it is a Synaegog

These were the pictures I took in the morning hours when the light was quite bad however, they are my only recorded memories of Trinidad and Tobago - unfortunately.

I loved the traditional architecture of the houses in Port of Spain - a lot of fine woodwork, arches and colors used make them one of the most unique features of the city. Newer homes are more regular with loads of concrete, no character and definitely nothing esthetic except that a lot of money has been spent of them...such as the house that belongs to Brian Lara, the star cricketer, its a huge but a usual house that one can see almost in every other country. I loved the real, original arcitecture and the techniques used in houses in Port of Spain.

The interior of Carribean Airways is one of the brightest and the best a plane can have.....I loved green and blue that they use as seat covers...airhostesses were so really nice!!!

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