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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Movers in Korea: Are You Moving within Korea?

...if so, you will need movers, there are many companies to deal with logistics. Most of them are very professional even if they are not a large scale company. All you have to do is to make a reservation with such a company that has a permit by the government to to do so. Most of the relocations takes place in Spring so if you are moving at a time other than Spring, you will get better rates.You willl see that there are a minimum of 2-3 men accompanied by a woman. Men tackle the moving of the heavy stuff whereas the woman handles kitchen and bathroom related packing. Aside, you might have seen Bongo trucks (by Hyundai) with the entire household loaded on it and wrapped in layers of clothes and plastic baskets in yellow color. In a country where moving of a house is a frequent story for every family there are hundreds of companies to deal with it. If you are on the move in Korea or overseas, call one, Their rates are not that bad. On top, you won't be doing anything except being told that all is done.

However, the problem starts when you are looking for somebody who can speak English and one such mover is:

Dexter Park. He can do small scale moves within dongs or gu and even across provinces. In case you have bought something and wants it to be moved to your place then contact him either by email or phone.

Dexter Park's email:dexterpark83@gmail.com
His phone: 010-2214-7112
Fax: 042-622-3801

His Facebook page can be searched through email as well.

Another very professional guy is Brendan (also a Korean). He speaks English fluently. He also does a real estate business and mover service is tagged to it.

Call Brendan at: 
Another service which is very cheap and excellent can be reached at:1599-1155
You can take a help of a Korean friend to have this services or if you can speak little Korean this company will do. I've used the last two services and am very satisfied with them. In case, you have bought something and want it to be delivered at your place, just call them, they will pick the stuff and will deliver it your place. All you have to do is to text message them your address in English and also Korean and then transfer the money in their account or pay in cash on delivery.  If the move is from a second, third or a higher floor - money increases automatically, since they use gondolas or auto- freight lifts - keep that in mind.

How long does the shipping takes place varies with the shipping company and the time it takes to pass customs in the area you are moving to, shipping usually consumes the following time periods.

Accroding the Immigration Office in Korea:
Domestic packaging,transportation,customs,shipping,insurance): 7 to 10 days.

Shipping by sea
- Southeast Asia : 3 to 10 days
- Western North America : 14 to 20 days
- Eastern, middle North America : 25 to 30 days

All the best with your move.