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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Visiting Yonsei University Intl. Campus (Songdo) for a Conference -1

I was at a conference which is currently taking place here at Songdo- a city built on a muddy / reclaimed land near the Incheon airport.

Songdo is designed to minimize energy consumption and pollution by a combination of design, architecture and information technology. This is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods I have come across here in Korea. I live in Pangyo (Bundang) which is considered as one of the most expensive and high-tech neighborhoods but Songdo has a cool architecture and a different aura to itself...though a lot of construction is still in progress...it is indeed impressive. Anyhow, we are staying at the dorms of the Yonsei University's International Campus at Songdo located at the Campus Town (right across from exit 2).

A dorm roon at Yonsei-Songdo

As the campus is newly built and I'm the first occupant of this room, smell of of varnish and paint is quite strong but its a room with a view and is very bright too. Designed to accomodate 2 students, it is centrally airconditoned and equipped with all that one might need as a student. This building is U-shaped and is connected with two bridges give it an  interesting look!

University of Incheon - Songdo

At 10 minutes drive from the Intl. Yonsei campus is the University of Incheon...which also has a beautiful and huge campus. This area is called the Incheon Free Economic Zone (IFEZ) and will serve as a hub of local and foreign univeristy campuses in near future as well as economy and information technology. The University of New York and the University of North Carolina will be the next additions here and will open their campus by September of this year according to Joonang Daily.

Kim, Young-sam touring the Yonsei campus, source: joongang daily

 I am happy that I visited Songdo - an artificially built city with no history  of it own - nothing to hold on to but surely a bright future ahead. When I was an intern at the Incheon airport - it was always a hot topic of discussion amongst co-workers - their desire to live in Songdo or to send the kids to schools at Songdo...it is amazing to actually walk around this man made island crossing the beautiful and impressive Songdo bridge - the world's fifth largest supension bridge.

Yonsei Dorms at Songdo

Read a  fantastic article on SONGDO City here at the Independent..

I really enjoyed the venue, the city and the academic gathering at Songdo - my thanks goes to the organizing committee for giving us a chance to share different viewpoints and experience Songdo.

How to get to Songdo from Seoul?

1- From Gangnam station exit 3. walk straight for 3 minutes and at the first bus stop - wait for bus number 6405. This express bus will take you to Songdo. It takes about 2 hours and 20 minutes during rush hours and slighlty less otherwise.

2- From Seonbawi Station (Line 4) take exit 3. There is a bus stop stop on your right, wait for bus 6405. It takes 1 hour and 10 minutes to get to Campus town.

3- From Incheon airport: take bus 303..and get off at campus town.

4- One can also reach Songdo by subway and for that consult a subway map - it is hassle free but a little long trip to get to Songdo. 

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