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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pakistan Ka Khuda Hee Hafiz!

Samaa TV has fired the entire team of  idiots who ridiculed common citizens of Pakistan in the name of moral policing ( a crime in itself). As soon as this show got viral on You Tube, concerns/protests started pouring in regarding limits the media should exercise as well as the ethics and code of conduct that should be followed while conducting programs.

Difference between private space, invasion of privacy, human rights violation, harassment, right to choose to be on TV or not as well as what makes a responsible behaviour have to be taken into consideration by TV administrations. In my opinion, at this point, the morning shows are a dis-service to Pakistan - questionable behaviour on these shows is simply contrary to what defines Pakistan and Pakistani-ness per se. I strongly feel that most of the talk shows or political shows are more of a circus - full of loose talk and verbal diarrhea and nothing else. Sadly, entire team of the program in question is still in some sort of a bubble and believe that what they did was a good cause and there is a conspiracy behind all this. :-)

Newspapers around the world covered this shameful and irresponsible act which was morally, ethically, socially, religiously wrong. The New York Times, LA Times, BBC, Herald Tribune, Asian Correspondent - literally, newspapers worldwide criticized the manner in which the program was conducted. Everybody who saw the clips is convinced that an apology (in a right manner) is still due. By the way, the word apology is defined as "a written or spoken expression of one's regret, remorse, or sorrow for having insulted, failed, injured, or wronged another". To say the least, it must be apologetic but what we saw was anything BUT apology.

How to tackle this menace is a pressing question in a country where lawlessness sees no bounds? My best bet is that legal suits and heavy fines may bring some relief. 'Mayas of sorts' are in abundance and another equally questionable anchor is:  Jasmeen also from Samaa TV (who can only shout but NOT talk normally) and the list goes on. Such anchors/hosts  must go through checks and balances before they open their mouth. These schizopheranic TV hosts needs medical treatment and not the Pakistani television audience on whom they throw their baggage of verbal trash and dirty thoughts using televisons in our living rooms, on our families, on our children and on our citizens at large on daily basis. This nuisance MUST STOP and sooner the better!

According to the New York Times article "...A Television Show Goes Too Far" contributed by Declan Walsh here, states that:

"... television is ...a lucrative business controlled by powerful, largely unaccountable tycoons. Last year Pakistan’s television ... advertising revenues ... (were) ... more than $200 million  — 28 percent more than the previous year. Amid stiff competition for viewers, channels have relied on populist measures — rowdy political talks shows and, in recent times, vigilante-style “investigative” shows modeled on programs in neighboring India."

NYT while quoting the host of the show writes:

"...She also denied that there was anything unusual about asking couples for their wedding certificateeven though she does not carry one. All of “Pakistan knows me and my wedding pictures,” she said. “So I don’t have to.”  NYT further states that :

"...four local non-government organisations (are filing) a civil suit against Samaa TV in Pakistan’s Supreme Court, hoping to galvanise the country’s top judges into action."

If someone will research and dig a little than they will realize that Samaa TV in particular has a number of "questionable programs" in their pandora's box. Though this channel has apologized and Pakistanis as a nation are those for whom an apology suffices and are celebrating it but in my view the channel's heavy-handedness, shameful track record and short-term memory loss - where they have NOT learned from their mistakes - should be seriously scrutinized and penalized.

In an interview,  the producer of the program in question on BBC Urdu said that he is not responsible to anyone, at all. The language he uses is objectionable. His interview is worth listening and I am extremely sad that "this type" of (jahils) people are vested with so serious and critical positions. God forbid!

In recent years Meher Bokhari, Amir Liaquat Hussain and sorts despite being guilty of spearheading hatred, and violence by their remarks that led to the death of people in different cities are still working for the electronic media. People with mental disorders and split personalities must be thrown out from public domains. The cancer of "munafiqat" (hypocrisy and contradictions) be treated on urgent basis before it is too late but the irony of Pakistan is that we do NOT have accountability at any level and anyone can easily get away with anything in Pakistan.

On media's vigilante behaviour, I believe that the best discussion was aired by PTV's Moeed Pirzada in "Sochta Pakistan". He had in his panel Quatrina Hosain, Mohammad Malick, Farzana Bari and PEMRA Chairman. They also had Maya - host of the show in question. The entire program can be seen here on You Tube. Maya raised suspicion with regard to the mentality of the whole panel of Sochta Pakistan which left me thinking about the integrity of this woman - Maya. Media has made these god-forsaken TV hosts larger than life, these hosts are the judge and the jury, BBC rightly said that they act like the "vice of God". These TV anchor/hosts are vested with absolute power without realizing that absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Moeed Pirzada's concluding remarks were very interesting and were equally shared by the panel in which he  said that the (former/X) host Maya is on denial and has NO CLUE of her irresponsible behaviour. She is unable to understand that she has committed a moral wrong".

In the last 15 years, one thing that left a really bad taste in my mouth is the TV channels of Pakistan. On daily basis Pakistan's traditions, culture and values are torn apart ruthlessly in the name of freedom of media/press etc by TV mafia. My humble request is that: please stop sabotaging beautiful Pakistani culture and traditions - or else, Pakistan ka Khuda hee Hafiz!