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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Il Volto Cancellato (Book by Fakhra Younus and Elena Doni; 2005)

Books by Women, an organization for women writers in its tribute to Fakhra Younus, author of Il Volto Cancellato wrote:

 Book by Fakhra Yousnus: Le Visage Efface' (2008) in French which was originally written in Italian: Il Volto Cancellato (2005) - Buy this book and raise awareness towards such crimes and pressure governments to change laws that supress women.

"When a woman tells her story, writes her memoir, she becomes an author. In writing her own history, she becomes visible to history, part of the human narrative. She tells her truth, shares her experience and wisdom. She leaves a written legacy.

When the life lived hurts too much… it’s hard to write, and hard to tell.
And when the story told hurts too much, it’s hard to read and hard to share.
Hard too, not to share.
Fakhra Younas’ story is one of those memoirs. Her life was one of those lives. And we must share it."

News of her death was reported here in Italy and around the world.

"On March 17, 2012 in Rome, Italy, a Pakistani mother, ended her own life, after 12 years that none of us could imagine or endure. Fakhra Younas was in her early 30s, has one son, and one memoir, Il Volto Cancellato, written with Elena Doni.
While it is her death that brought her life to my attention, it is her life that has left me in a state of shock. Her story is very hard to know about. Yet we need to know, as we are able to, so it can inform our lives, our focus, our voices, our writing. We need to know, because what happened to her happens to thousands of women. And the threat of it threatens any one of us."

Elena Doni, an Italian writer, worked with Fakhra Younus on her memoir which was published as a book in Italian as Il Volto Cancellato in 2005, and reportedly translated into Spanish, Le Visage Efface in French and, Das Ausgeloschte Gesicht in German. Fakhra's book is not available in English yet.

Who will step up to translate Il Volto Cancellato by Fakhra Younas for the English speaking public, or to make it available? Contact: booksby women.org

Fakhra Younas had a courage few of us might have to dare to live after the violence against her left her without a face to comfortably show in public. Who knows what degree of pain she had to endure in her skin, and what further pain in her spirit. The devastation of jealousy.

Let us remember Fakhra Younas’ name and her courage and use our writing to raise visibility, and put pressure on the governments and people of countries that perpetuate crimes against women. Hard as it is in America, to have definitive proof of those who commit violence against women that leads to conviction, it is harder still in countries where women are not considered equal to men.

Vote with your reading and writing and commenting power. Ask that her book be translated into English. Let others know in your own voice and your own way, that though we may be living without fear or threat of harm, many are not free in their own homes.

Buy Fakhra Younus's book here and become her voice so that governments can be pressured to change laws that repress women.

Fakhra Younus and her son: Nauman