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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Feng Sui (风水), Geomancy (ふうすい) or Phung-su (풍수)

Korea Times published a very interesting article by Janet Shin on 'How to Live Healthy' and you can read it here. It mainly focuses on giving importance to and being aware of the external environment around our homes. Feng Shui is an ancient art and science developed over 3000 years ago in China based on Taoist principles. It is a complex body of knowledge that reveals how to balance the energies of any given space to assure the health and good fortune for people inhabiting it.Yin and Yang as well as 5 fengsui elements such as wood, fire, earth, metal and water are the basis of it.
Janet wrote that:
 " ... it is better to be aware of them than to be ignorant. It is a matter of how you develop your powers of awareness. It would be ideal if you could repel the harmful elements perfectly. If not, you should learn how to live wisely with them.Buildings are more harmful than other objects. The larger and sharper the buildings are, the more misfortune you will suffer. Tall and hostile buildings facing your front door hurt most. Those who live in this circumstance are more likely to experience distress and tragic consequences, so you should try to avoid them or learn effective ways to neutralize those destructive energies. "
She further wrote that:
" There are productive feng shui cures to dissolve an unfriendly environment. Depending on specific circumstances, you need wisdom to choose the most appropriate measures. Metallic or wooden fences are often used to block killer energy aimed at your house. Shrubs may protect your house from an unfriendly environment."

Wood can shield your place from poisonous causes, such as rocks, concrete and walls. Metal can hinder any harmful energy from plants or other structures in green or blue. Fountains can also be used to neutralize killing energy from angular or triangular shapes. Fire energy comes from those pointed shapes and the water element can reduce their perniciousness. "

Some of the important colors of Feng shui are:
  • Color Green: excellent for improving health and balancing family life when used in  your home.
  • Color Blue is a very good feng shui choice to support the energy of your carrier growth
  • Have some strong Yellow leads to happy gatherings and good times.
  • Pure White  will bring supportive energy for all your creative endeavors.
Before using specific colors, study the light patterns throughout the day in the room.

Personally, I think that neighborhoods and houses were much more wisely built in olden days than now. I still remember, how much a south-facing, brightly lit house was my other;s preference. Her priority was that it should be properly ventilated. All houses whether in an urban or a rural locale - used to have yards, plants, trees, small kitchen gardens, terraces but when I look at architecture, the aesthetics are gone - huge concrete structures with rooms upon rooms, and no sense /awareness of imprortance of bright and well ventilated rooms is more prevalent.

I still remember when I did a research project on Phugsu-jiri (풍수 지리) or geomancy with respect to burials in Korea - the importance of it and extreme care to even minute details with respect to burying the dead. So whether living or dead geomancy is a very important fact of life or even after-life...