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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

World Environment Day (June 5th.)

Today is the Environmental Day and if we look around our self we will see that "we the people" are one of the catalyst of damaging the planet earth.

If we zoom in and look at Pakistan there is widespread insanity to experience. We have seen history's worst earthquake (2005) and then one of the deadliest floods of the century but have NOT learned our lesson. Majority have contributed in converting Pakistan to hell.

We as citizens do NOT obey the laws of the land. To start with, an important example 's
our lifestyles. Particularly in Islamabad we play by very different rules and havesimply destroyed the city's landscape and what is left of it. I grew up here and it is my hometown. After a little over a decade I could NOT recognize Islamabad. The first thing I noticed was disappearance of trees and less and less green belts than we used to have. Second, was the increase in population of this city that has lead to shortages in everything. Sanitary conditions, water supply, power and so on.

If I look around I have seen that almost every other house in this city has dug there own tube well thingee thus decreasing the underground water levels. I called the municipal department and was told it is illegal. We have 8 mosques in just one sector and 80% of them have a tube well and almost all of them have a madrassa with entire student body from Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa - I am totally against the idea of bringing under age children and keeping them like chicken or goats in one big hall...which is what I have seen so far. Then we have power shutdown of 8 hours minimum but then people are using UPS or generators that are a good source of noise and air pollution.

According to a recent report“A UPS can consume as much electricity as a ton or ton-and-a-half air conditioner,” said Director General Pakistan Environment Protection Agency (Pak-EPA) Asif Shuja who described the most popular alternative to loadshedding as one that costs people more than they could save.A UPS could easily consume 700 to 800 Watts of electricity and installing UPS units and generators offset the very idea of loadshedding and reducing consumption of fuels.

According to the report, about 60 to 70 per cent people have UPS in their homes. It destroys indoor air quality because the acid inside the lead battery gives off vapours and fumes that collect in one place which can cause serious health concerns such as increased chance of illness during pregnancy, harm to a fetus including brain damage and even death, fertility problems in both men and women, high blood pressure, digestion issues, nervous system disorders, memory and concentration problems and muscle and joint pains are some of the diseases caused by lead in adults. In children, lead was most damaging when they are around six-year of age and younger.

On this day, I question why people in Pakistan don't make noise to have better alternatives. Everyone here loves tow watch TV almost 24 hours and indulge in dirty, useless politics and loves trashy TV shows but do NOT invest in how they, their children and their environment can get better. People and neighbors are more into harming you then giving you a helping hand on any issue as simple as growing tress in your street or how to keep the neighborhood parks clean, how not to indulge in public urination and throwing of garbage bags outside their homes.

How can we recycle and reuse?

How can we make our environ a better place and how to join hands for a more united and a beautiful Pakistan?

It doesn't take a lot of money or even time or energy to do so but all we need is motivation to live in a better place that we share together. I read an interesting piece and I quote a part of it that:

"If countries take the route of limitation and separation, t...hey will harm themselves and everyone else, which means they’ll harm themselves either way. The only chance they have of developing positively (instead of through suffering and war) is by taking all people, economies, and countries into consideration."