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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Moving Back to Seoul with Mom!!

This is my first post after 3 months - wow ...a long break that was!!!

My mom is back  in Seoul to stay with me for a while and so my entire life pattern has changed - for good!  I've got myself a cute house, previously I was in  a guest house or with a host family...which is very different. 

She is in her 80s and so I've tried my best that she stays safe and comfortably during her stay. It's also the first time that I'm gonna take care of her solo. I've renovated the entire bathroom  on my own that cost me 1200USD or 1.2 million won - and it would have been less if the plumber and the real estate woman had not cheated on me but now, the bathroom looks chic and high tech. I 've renovated the entrance and it has cost me another 500 USD or 500,000won. My house owner declined on sharing "any cost" with me... Voilà !!

I have built up an entire kitchen from scratch  - keeping in mind her age and the requirements of food and there are a couple. I think that she is probably one of the oldest (by age) foreign visitors in Korea at the moment which is cool.

It is winters here which is a tough season but since she has lived in Seoul for 7 years between 2002 to 2009, so she knows whats' comin!!!

She was obviously much younger and we used to travel all around the city of Seoul together when we first moved here. The year was 2002 and both of us fall in love with Seoul - it's World Cup hype and ambiance,  its' very kindhearted people (with the unexplainable Jeong), vibrancy  and sense of safety as a woman. My mom loves football and when my family moved to Korea on June 1st 2002 - it was the first day of World Cup FIFA - Japan- Korea 2002 - and as they  - the rest is history!

Living here for so long and as a family unit we ended up renovating our furnished housing back then too, which we got from office. I bought all the gadgets brand new from Yongsan Electronic Market ..it was only later that I found out that there are many other and better ways in which one can buy the same stuff in a much comfortable and a cheaper way but time is the best teacher and that's how we learn - making mistakes and falling down but then again, we stand up and move on!!!!

In 2009, we moved to the US completely and I sold or gave away my belonging to friends mostly or even threw a couple of really good things coz there was no other choice...the things which I threw included our beds, oven, closets, dinning table, sofa and rug  -  all went into the trash! To save oneself from such a scenario - one needs organization and planning which I lacked then but now, I'm an expert!

While I've developed a kitchen again and so I'm on the hunt for best buys in Seoul and as its the end of the year, Christmas was around too and then Seolnal (Korean New Year) is also  coming...there are some great deals at every  nook and corner. Thus far, I loved one thing -  I've got my self a cute food processor. This food processor is one of the very basic ones but is multi-purpose and way too good for me. What used to take an hour is done in 5 minutes and as we say - time is money , now I've realized the importance.

I'm, very glad to choose it and that too on a discount!

Key Features of Kenwood Food Processor FP215 are here!

I will just say one thing: when you move somewhere, make that new place your home and that will change your life - believe me...it doesn't matter if you are there to stay for a short time or a long time. Don't live like backpackers or nomads, please don't!

Sense of belonging and a sense of having a home simply enriches life. I have a home - right here in Seoul - far away from my real home. It's great!