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Saturday, June 18, 2011

How to get to Norrkoping

Before starting a workshop or attending a conference, the main question is how to get to Norrkoping campus of the Linkoping University. I was one of the students coming from really the other side of the world and my route was Seoul to Beijing to Stockholm. Once I was at Arlanda Airport , I went to the information booth, this same place sells bus tickets to all the cities in Sweden but the first stop is always the downtown of Stockholm (from where these buses leaves)- called City Central, which is 37 km (23 miles) from Arlanda. I bought my ticket for Norrkoping from Arlanda's Information desk and for downtown Stockholm, I did my little research.
There are two 7 Eleven Stores, one - right across from the information center and the other, towards Terminal C - 10 minutes walk.
Bus for City Central - Stockholm
The guy at the 7 Eleven near Terminal C gave me much cheaper ticket and also a few tips to get around in Stockholm...he was very very kind. So, first I took a bus for which I only paid 30 Krona's -SEK - (5$) to get to Marsta. From Marsta, I took a subway for which I had to pay 60SEK to get to City Central.A total of 30 USD. It took me a little over an hour to get to Stockholm.
Information Desk at Arlanda
On my way, while waiting for the bus to Marsta, I saw this other gentleman, who was also waiting for the bus - he said hello and I found out that he could either speak Spanish or Swede...well, I tried my Spanish of "si, si" and "gracias, gracias"...but that was the moment when I really wished I could speak either Swede or Spanish. Well, he later helped me locate my bus stop to Norrkoping too. He was from Chile and had been living in Sweden for 8 years. I am really grateful to him and another family to be so concerned for me that I get to the Central Bus Station which is just across from the City Central Station - probably 5 minutes walk.
I went to the area for buses that goes to Norrkoping. It cost me 160 SEK (others paid 180 SEK.) which is 30USD.
In about 2 hours, I was in downtown Norrkoping - right next to city's railway station. Unfortunately, I took a taxi, which cost me 150 SEK. for 2 minutes ride to my hostel which I found out later was only 5 minutes walk from the bus-railway station of Norrkoping.
I always regret taking taxi, here again, the same old story.
Later on, people told me that taxi's in Sweden are amongst the 'most expensive option' one can imagine! I have a first-hand experience, 2 minutes ride and the price was same as coming from Stockholm to Norrkoping by bus (2 hours ride).
I must say that Fare on Airportshuttle start at SEK 150 per person.
Fare on The Flygbussarna Airport Coach is SEK 110 to Downtown Stockholm and I paid 90 SEK.
It was indeed a wonderful experience to be there!
I hope this helps people how to get to their destinations from Arlanda Airport (see #6)!


1) Swedes are very very friendly, warm and helpful, almost every single person I met was so nice but I was told that they are cold and non-friendly...really????

2) I ran out of money and one person (Mr. Peter), a perfect stranger, gave me money ( though I wanted to return it, once I came back but he refused!)

3) Avoid taxi's!

4) Some other possibilities to go to and from Arlanda Airport.
5) Swebus Express: to go to hundreds of destinations within Sweden
6) Hating taxis - well I'm not alone here is an entire website on that ;-)
7) From Arlanda to other cities click here.

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