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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Role of Media in Pakistan

Pakistani television channels  have simply "NO CLUE" of what is worthy of becoming a news, of the precious time that they have on their hands and how to create awareness or educate the audience - to simply put it!

Does this country has a time slot policy? Do they know when can a specific show or a program be aired and what age group is it for? Do they know what kind of a story is 'newsworthy' and what defines 'entertainment'?

I am extremely concerned because the violence and vigiliantism I see in Pakistan: our media (particularly, electronic)  is to be hold responsible for it. They have done more damage than anything else.

Here in Pakistan with an additional one  million homeless in our already huge number of IPDs (internally displaced people) due to the recent floods and hunger all around - half of the channels are busy with their  'really stupid'  cooking shows on "how to roast a duck, chicken or deer"? How to cook an Italian, French or a Midle Eastern food? A country where people can not even afford to buy  ata (wheat- a staple diet) and chai (tea)  to have their simple meal - are we NOT responsible for creating frustrations amongst the masses?
For God's sake: Pakistani media: STOP IT!!!

The other day: all channnels unanimously showed a criminal (over and over again) in a jail who was dancing and singing shamelessly and had put up a show (I have nothing against his dancing or singing) in a prison cell but what beats me is: have we gone insane to make it a breaking news? A country where we have lost our battle against domestic violence and terrorism and a mosquito via dengue is hard to fight back (300 people have already lost lives in 30 days)  - what role can media play?  Please: Act Responsibly!

Shoaib and Sania Mirza visited Pakistan on a personal/private trip but our country's Mr. President called on them and I wonder why? What concerns me is: does our president know what should be his priorities and what is happening in Pakistan? If not then he should know that Pakistan is declared 'almost' a failed state, a country that has repeatedly failed to protect its borders from outside attacks, it is also considered as the most corrupt country in the world, world's third most dangerous place for women, a rape every hour. In its educational institutions: girls are raped, molested, abused by both the male and the female teachers - where should we go and who will highlight this? Isn't it worthy of becoming a news?

A country full of IDPs who are living under open skies, a country with no basic amenities, no clean drinking water, sanitation, electricity or gas - isn't it about time that we come out of our 'bubbles'!  I would have applauded our ' Dear President' meating the Federal Minsiters for Education, Health, Manpower, Defense or Foreign Affairs to deal with the deadly issues our country is plagued with and I would be proud of our media if they have reminded him,  in case he forgot, after all, to err is human- right???

Newscasters and Talk Show hosts are yelling and shouting crazily - the guests are even worst - there is nothing but verbal diarrhea...hosts can be easily called  Bi Jamaloes.
Vice Chancellor of a  leading university in Pakistan, Quaid e Azam University said in an interview that Pakistani media has made the entire population "psychic" another famous professor and social scientist from the same university, Dr. Naveed e Rahat, said that Pakistani media has brought us to the edge of destruction.

Personally, I think that there is nothing wrong with Pakistan but there is definitely something wrong with people on the driving seats of Pakistan: government, media and mullah.

No idea or concept is original on Pakistani media,  nothing smells or seems Pakistani, nothing educational and nothing realistic. Media can help build up tolerance, forgiveness and understanding that we desperately need today amongst people of this country - civilized talk shows and dialogue is what should be focused and must stay away from sensationalization.

I hope that this roller coaster ride for Pakistan will end soon. We are blessed with human and natural resources and I believe that we will be able to bring a positive changes in Pakistan  in all spheres, some day. I hope of responsible journalism both print and electronic.

Honestly, I miss the good old days of PTV - the only channel at the time - with excellent choice of programs both locally produced or the international shows.


  1. Agree with you! Pakistani media is causing a lot of trouble by acting irresponsibly. The channels all are in "competition" with each other and have no concern about the nation itself.

    I wrote a shocking post about the "reliability" of the media, you should check it out and see how badly researched their news stories are:


  2. Thank you Absolute Verdit for your comment - I really appreciate that.

    I never thought of writing about this until I got here and I saw its negative impact. Pakistani media has hijacked the Pakistani households especially through the TV. Freedom does include the aspect of responsibilty towards society at large.

  3. No problem, it's a pleasure!

    I agree once again. Freedom of speech is being used as an excuse to carry out all the blackmailing, propaganda, exaggeration and disinformation campaigns.

    Even when they convey correct news stories, e.g. about the current crisis of dengue in Lahore, they portray it in an extremely wrong way that makes people tensed, and there is a general fear and hopelessness in that city.
    Instead of giving hope and conveying something useful (e.g. preventive methods of dengue), they took away hope by a highly exaggerated version of news stories.

    And as you might have read in my post, the information from "forwarded text messages" eventually made its way to prestigious newspapers and tv channels of ours. What could be worse? Is this the sense of responsibility the media shows after being entrusted with so much power?

  4. @Absolute Verdict: Thanks one again for visiting and for following up!

  5. Totally agree with you .Due to its lack of credibility it has lost its viewer .

    Follow each other .

  6. @izdiher:Thanks for ur comment & for visiting the blog!