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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Visiting Lok Virsa!

Today is the last day of Lok Virsa Festival at Shakarprian, Islamabad. The venue is located near Park Avenue and there is no public transport that goes there. Private transport is the only possibility but one can hire a taxi or simply take a walk of about 35 minutes. 
Lok Virsa's activities gave residents of the twin cities an opportunity to enjoy the day when it has become really difficult to go out of homes and get involved or enjoy an event, particularly for women. I also met Dr. Fauzia Saeed briefly. She also hosted the show and did a great job. I will highly recommend people to take time out and visit Lok Virsa today- since today, the festival will come to an end.

Logo of Lok Virsa - a starting point for me on Gate 2.  Many families were there. Lok Virsa has a lot to offer to the visitors. I always feel like becoming a part of a magical land - full of surprises and fun.

At Gate #2, visitors are welcomed by this jubilant group of dancers - with their beautiful folk dances on the Dhol (traditional, double-sided percussion musical instrument which is a sort of a drum) beats. These are the people - who are our asset - they have kept our culture and traditions alive in very difficult times. Bravo!

A shop at Lok Virsa.

Handmade Jewellery box made with Plaster of Paris. It looked like metal and real stones!

Shopping of bracelets.

Sajji: Stuffed Chicken for 400 Rupee equal 5 USD.

Embroided wall hangings and mats.

Dhol and Chimtay - the two instrments used to produce the rythms of Punjab.

Real turquoise and silver jewellery from Swat: they had the most beautiful handmade jewellery!

My favourite: Parrots at work - a traditional way of knowing about yourself; these parrots pick up a card which tells a person what future holds for them. It has been decades since I last saw this. Loved it! Two young men tried their luck and I asked them what the cards say: They laughed and said ," everythings is going to be great" so I replied, " Supereb!  In 20 Ruppees. this parrot gave us a good news and made you happy - which is not an easy task...paisa wasool!"

An old man selling posters of all sorts. To my amazement there was not a single actress on any of them - a very delightful experience.

Arieb Azhar: permformed live at Lok Virsa's Concert that took place with regard to celebrating " International Day of Rural Women, 2011, Islamabad" . A very interesting event with folk and sufi music. Women from around the country participated by singing, dancing and simply enjoying the moment.

A folk song from Sind with Shah Latif's kalam - one of the best performances of the evening!

Beautiful handmade door decorations.

A painting by self-taught painter.

A participant from Hunza enjoying the concert.

Dhol (A traditional Punjabi Drum)

Some links on this event are covered by 'The News' , The Nation and 'The Frontier Post' and highlighted work of artisans demonstrating crafts such as bone work, Motikari (beadwork), Zari work (embroidery), blue pottery, embroideries from Bahawalpur, Multan and Dera Ghazi Khan, stone carving, Taghar weaving (traditional floor rug) from D.I. Khan, doll making, Sindhi embroidered shoes, daree (floor rug) making, papier mache, truck art, Swati shawl, Hunza embroidery. The conference was entitled: "From Food Security to Peace and Security", Islamabad. 15-16 Oct. 2011.

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