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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Important Telephone Numbers in Korea You Must Know!

How to use-
- Regular or public phone: Dial the phone number without any prefix
- Mobile: Dial 02 then the phone number

Crime Report: 112
Fire Report (Rescue): 119
Spy Report (Domestic): 113
Spy Report (International): 111
Cyber Terrorism: 118
Smuggling Report: 125
Drug Trafficking Report: 127

Information Service Telephone Numbers
[1330- Travel Phone Emergency Interpretation Service]
To assist foreign expatriates and tourists in Korea during an emergency situation, the Korean Tourism Organization has teamed up with the 119 emergency call center to run the "1330 Travel Phone Emergency Interpretation Service." This service is available 24/7 in English, Japanese, and Chinese. Calls take place in the form of a 3-way phone conference between the caller, the 1330 Travel Phone, and the 119 emergency call center. With this service, tourists and foreigner residents in Korea can request help during emergency situations, without worrying about the language barrier, for faster response times from appropriate emergence support agencies.

[1345 Immigration Contact Center]
Dial 1345 for more information regarding the immigration process
  • The Immigration Contact Center is a multilingual information center that offers civil affairs consultation and information guidance via phone and the Internet for foreigners living in Korea under the Law on Treatment of Foreigners in Korea.
  • The Immigration Contact Center consists of Hi Korea (a portal site for helping foreigners with online information in Korean, English, Japanese, and Chinese), electronic civil affairs service, and 1345 telephone counseling service in 18 languages.

Multilingual information for foreigners living in Korea and civil affairs consultation for Korea Immigration Service are listed below:
  • Visa related services, such as studying in Korea, employment, foreigner invitation
  • Immigration services, such as re-entry permission
  • Issuance of identification card related services, such as foreigner registration, overseas Koreans' report of domestic residence
  • Sojourn permission services, such as extension of sojourn period, status change
  • Nationality related services, such as naturalization test, acquisition of nationality, invalidation of nationality,
  • Acknowledgment of refugee and refugee support related services
  • Foreigner related crime reports, such as smuggling, illegal employment, visa overstaying
  • Immigrant's social integration related services, such as education, marriage immigrants' society
  • Introduction to foreign support systems for marriage immigrants and labor and related organizations
  • Introduction to usage of Hi Korea web site for those who want electronic civil affairs and scheduling appointments

User information
  • Available time: 09:00~18:00 on weekdays; not available on weekends/holidays
  • Dial 1345 anywhere, regardless of local or cellular phone.
    * Dial 82-1345 to access from overseas
  • ARS Information Service
    Press 1- find location of immigration office, jurisdiction, and service hours
    Press 2- inquiring about the result of a pending visa application
    Press 0- connect directly to a counselor

[102+9 -One-call service for inquiries on life and tourism in Seoul]
The 120 Dasan Call Center provides foreigners in Seoul with a variety of information services about life, transportation, and tourism services.

120 foreign language service
  • Dial (02) 120, press 9, then select 1 for English, 2 for Chinese, 3 for Japanese, 4 for Vietnamese, or 5 for Mongolian
  • Call Center Hours: 9:00~22:00, all year round
  • Service areas: interpretation, information about everyday life in Seoul, public transportation, reservations (hotels, concerts, movies, taxi)

Help is just a phone call away when you
  • need an interpreter in a taxi
  • need information about restaurants in specific areas in Seoul
  • want information regarding various bus routes
  • want to convert a foreign driver license into a Korean license
  • want to know when the last subway leaves
  • need to report lost items left on public transportation
  • need an interpreter when shopping
  • want to file a complaint about something
  • need an interpreter at your hotel
  • want to order a pizza over the phone

[1339 Seoul Emergency Medical Information Center]
Seoul Emergency Medical Information Center provides Seoul and Jeju with first-aid, disease, and hospital information 24/7. The Center has greatly expanded the range of service foreigners since 2008.

Specialized towards foreign languages, English, Japanese, and Chinese speaking medical staff members provide medical counseling and offer information on clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, and emergency rooms available for foreigners, including free clinics for foreign workers. EMIC staff members are responsible for the establishment and updating of a central database for these services.

Seoul Emergency Medical Information Center strives to serve all residents or tourists who are in life-threatening situations with specialized and high-qualified medical services, regardless of nationality, age, gender, or financial situation.

Usage: dial 1339 (no fees are charged, beyond the cost of the phone call)

Foreign and domestic airline reservation numbers and Web sites

Embassies & Consulates
Foreign Embassies & Consulates in Korea- includes phone numbers and addresses

Expatriate Organizations
Foreigner's Community Service (FOCUS)- (02) 798-7529, 797-8212

Government Offices
Immigration Offices
Cheju- (064) 22-3494
Incheon- (032) 882-0544
Gimhae Airport- (051) 972-1610~3
Gimpo Airport- (02) 664-7614
Seoul- (02) 650-6239
Pusan- (051) 463-7161~5

Social/Cultural Groups
Hendrik Hamel (Netherlands Club Korea)- (02) 333-9303
Interculture Korea- (02) 511-0440
International Cultural Exchange Association- (02) 201-2361
Royal Asiatic Society- (02) 763-9483
Assn. for Foreign Workers human Rights- (051) 802-3438
Korea-Australia Cultural Exchange Assn.- (051) 627-8866
KOTESOL- (019) 551-1246
Pusan Hash House Harriers- (051) 742-9600
Pusan International Woman's Assn.- (051) 747-3594

Tour & Travel
Bus information (Seoul)- (02) 418-5000
Kimpo Airport flight information- (02) 660-2456
Tourist Complaint Center- (02) 735-0101
Tourist Information Centers:
- Jeju Island: (064) 38-0326
- Gyeongju: (0561) 772-9289
- Busan: (051) 973-1100
- Seoul: (02) 757-0086
- Daegu: (053) 429-3134
- USO- (02) 7914-7003 (Seoul), (051) 801-3000 (Busan)

Youth Hostels
Korea Youth Hostel Association- (02) 725-3031
Youth Hostels in Korea

Local telephone number service: 114
Telephone number service in a different area: (area code) + 114
Weather Report: 131
Standard Time information: 116
National Traffic Information: 1333
Domestic Telegram: 115
International Telegram: 00795
Legal Aid Consultation: 132
Collect Call: 101