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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Inaugration Address of 35th Mayor of Seoul

I have done a post on  Park, Won-soon earlier, he gave an inaugural speech (see here), in which he said that the people of Seoul are the mayor of Seoul. Unless, the higher-ups are unable to think of and for public, there is very little hope for change for masses at large. I have confidence that Seoul will remain dynamic but will keep its original structures, its age old character intact - which it was losing in the name of a modern looks.

Seoul is one of the very modern and hightech of cities, I can confidently say that among the major capital of the world, Seoul is among the leaders as it provides all kind of facilities, freebies, support system, 24 hours services of all sort, safety to each and every individual and the list goes on - which is hard to find anywhere in one city.

Mayor Park said in his speech that:
"I will support your lives as I communicate and sympathize with you on site.My ears will be open to hear your wishes and opinions, and your opinions will be reflected in every step and every area of my administration. The citizens of Seoul are the captains, navigators, and helmsmen of this "Seoul Ship" on which I too am a passenger.I ask you to join this new wave of history the "Seoul Ship" will sail upon.The Mayor of Seoul is a citizen, and the citizens are the Mayor of Seoul."
I hope that we see an even more prosperous and citizens friendly Seoul - balancing both traditional and modern.


  1. Hi there:

    Your blog is very informative - full of thought provoking and useful discussions. I really enjoyed visiting it. Now, I need your help in creating a day (or at the most a day and a half) trip to Seoul. I would like to maximize my learning about Korea and Pakistanis in Seoul/Korea in this brief tour and that can not be possible without the help of someone like you. In fact, it would be nice if you could post such an itinerary so that it could benefit to anyone on a short visit to Korea.

    My wish list includes:
    Visiting shopping Malls
    Visiting Historic sites
    Visit to Downtown/city center
    Visit to elite areas of Seoul
    Visit to Desi community areas
    Eating at a Desi restaurant
    Eating at a Korean restaurant
    Visit to a Mosque in Seoul
    Visit to other cool Desi / Korean places
    Ride in the bullet train.
    Lastly, I need to talk to some who could brief me about tips and tricks, e.g., what to shop in Korea, where to find some bargains, Options for my mobile phone during my stay in Korea, whether to rent a car or rather use public transport, how is Koran traffic, where to rent a cheaper car, what areas are not safe to walk or drive in Seoul, what areas one should avoid for any other reasons etc...
    Best regards,
    Ajaz Ahmed.

  2. Hello Ajaz,

    In my opinion, your wish list has answers on various blogs and for that you have to google "Korean Blogs List, Korea 4 Expats, KNTO website and Seoul Global website". They have answers in details to your querries.
    As far as safety aspects in Korea is concerned, I will rate it as the "Safest Country in the World"...every single place is SAFE, it is highly unlikely that an unpleasent thing would happen in Korea.
    Itaewon is the place where you will have the only mosque of Seoul and this is the same neighborhood where you can find 20 plus Indian/Pakistani resturants.
    If you will go through my blog you will also find answers to many of the questions you have asked me - but patience is required - I have written on eating (a halal/Korean restaurants), shopping, budgetted shopping and touring entire Seoul in 24 hours...!
    Read through it!
    I hope it helps and best of luck!

  3. @Aijaz: Read this: http://sarahinsouthkorea.blogspot.com/2011/07/seoul-12-things-to-do-in-24-hours.html