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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Ugly Pakistanies in Sports!

Pakistan is going through a 3-D phase: Difficult, Dangerous and Deadly. Such times are "not " new for any country but we have gone a few steps ahead of everyone - sadly enough!

Pakistan made heading the world over in sports -  not for performing well or not so well - which is a part of a game - but for "spot-fixing controversy". Members of Pakistan's cricket team took bribes so that Pakistan lose the match. Such are the people representing Pakistan and Pakistanies. Well, our history is full of traitors but we have a short-term memory.

I still remember that this issue was raised in South Korea by fellow Korean students, who hardly know anything about cricket. We Pakistanies have been disgraced in the international arena by these rotten eggs........

Among the three players is Muhammad Amir who pleaded guilty besides two others:  Mohammad Asif and Salman Butt who pleaded not guilty. There is a long list of players that are under suspicion.

This spot-fixing controversy - is more of a tale of moral and ethical corruption - that has become a norm in Pakistan. Here in the country, people are talking about a conspiracy to defame Pakistan. Accepting responibility of our acts is "not as bad" as we think it is.  We should stop treating criminals as victims. Such acts will bring more bad than good to this country. We must stop bragging about how innocent we are - on all counts of "allegations" - there is truth that follows these allegations, but we are on a denial - instead of figuring out what is wrong with us?

There are some core values that characterize the Spirit of Sport which include:

• Ethics, fair play and honesty
• Excellence in performance
• Character and education
• Teamwork
• Dedication and commitment
• Respect for rules and laws
• Respect for self and other participants
• Courage
• Community and solidarity

I am pretty sure that none of the players have ever heard of any such thing mentioned above. 

I would go a step further that the assets and accounts of these players  must be freezed and seized with immediate effect. (Paisay ki mar kafi buri cheez hai and these guys made paisa their God).They must be punished severely in Pakistan so that nobody dares to rob Pakistan of the little respect that is left of it!  They must be disgraced as they have disgraced Pakistan and 200 million Pakistanies internationally, having said that, I still believe that their families must not be made target. Vigilatism must be avoided at all costs and even in punishing these guys we must not  go over board and lose our temper and get lost in any sort of violence. ACT responsibly!

Some other shadey characters in Pakistani cricket include this player, Sohail Tanveer - who recently divorced his wife and left a month old daughter. His former wife said in an interview that he told her that he is a celebrity and a star and can do whatever! Though this is an internal family affair  BUT it sheds light on what gets into the head of these people and what have turned them into morons? An idea of being a so-called star/celebrity with no ethical and moral sense left in them has brought damage to the game and in turn to the country in the long run. I do NOT want a player who is so morally corrupt to be seen and considered as a hero of our young generation. In Pakistan streets are full of boys playing cricket in extremely difficult conditions - when will we give these boys a chance in a hope of a better player, an ethical player, that is!


Recently Pakistani Cricket team returned after winning something and a state dinner was thrown for them, a few days ago - I wonder why????
I wonder: if they are not out there to win or just to perform well?
I wonder if they did something out of the extraordinary??
I wonder why we at a government level act as jerks?
I wonder when will Pakistan Cricket Board will bring the house in order and focus on what they've got to do on priority basis!

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