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Friday, November 4, 2011

Mohammad Amir: Is His Life in Danger??

One trial has come to an end today in England but another awaits when these players will return to Pakistan at some point.
I am NOT a great enthusiast of cricket but I still know a little bit about this game and the players as well as the teams. In South Asia, cricket is not a game but a religion and has a fanatic fan following of over 1.5 billion people here alone. Pakistan is one of the important teams and matches between India and Pakistan is called the clash of the titans.Cricketing world comes to a stand-still when India and Pakistan play the game. Hence it is a very, very serious thing - which has evolved into more than a game and has trajectories in almost all the spheres that touches our life. This game plays an important role in geo-politics of the Indian sub-continant. It transcends economics, entertainment, advertising, scadals, mafias and what not?

Long story short, for the first time I spent some time watching the coverage on TV for 'Spot-Fixing Trial'. The whole world was watching this trial. From one talk show or news program to the other - many of the people are upset with Mohammad Amir (roughly 80%)  - for confessing and telling the truth that he took money. There are all sorts of conspiracies popping up against him at this point. Amir got 6 months jail and will spend that time in a juvenile prison and many people here see this as a 'special concession' given to him. I am not trying to make a point that a crime committed by an 18 year old was any less intense than that by the other two players but somehow, I am extremely worried about Amir when he will return to Pakistan. Media reports and coverage are painting him as "super criminal" compared to the other two. People are blaming him at a mass scale for 'his cofession on taking money'.. and that is dangerous.

Many famous players are saying that he should NOT have done this. Experts are saying that if we would have conducted a trial in Pakistan we would have been able to save face by banning them or by fining them or both but not what happened in England. Hence, there is an unending battle of "ifs and buts" here in the media. People are equally lost, thanks to the media - who are sending very negative images that are completely contradictory -  if we want to get out of the mess that we are in then we  need the rule of law, transparency and honesty. How can we justify this notion being aired by our media: tell a lie??

Whenever Amir will return to Pakistan, I have fears about his safety, I mean about his life, it reminds me of the Sialkot brothers, it reminds me of Salman Taseer, it reminds me of thousands and thousands of nameless and faceless victims who have been killed due to revenge, hatred, fir telling truth and for mere difference in ideologies. In all such incidents - we are unable to catch the  killers, who are roaming free amongst us. We have a history of "unable to catch the culprits" since forever!  If they did catch a killer, we were unable to give a fair trial and judges had to leave the country for their fair decisions. I wonder why????

Cricket is just a game.  We must realize that this is NOT the first time in the history of sports or this particular sport that something of this sort has happened. Almost all countries are involved in one thing or the other, without exception.

I would like to see that the media leave the families of these players alone. I would like to see that Pakistani media, itself, apply fair play, respect and restrain by setting an example on ethical grounds. I would like to see the PCB management, its chief, its managers, coaches and other officers from Pakistan government to be hold responsible. I do NOT want that only these three players be used as 'Qurbani ka Bakra' ( escape goats) and the rest of the people get away with everything. Salman Butt mentioned in the court that he has 15 crores worth of assets on which he pay tax (..this is such a joke, even if he does so). 15 crores is a huge amount of money - anywhere in the world. (1 crore is equal to 10 million rupees which is 1.2 million USD. Does "every player" made this much money?? How come and what are the sources of this money??? Is this their salary???  How these transactions take place and the role of the PCB??

Transparency is the need of the hour and tolerance is the way to handle the situations and we will be just fine!! This wound will heal but the scar will remain!!!

Why media has failed to pointed out that the government officials are equally responsible for what has happened. To my surprise, I just found out that Majeed was their agent. Why do these players need an agents in the first place? This is insane.

This video was an eye opener when people ran towards Amir today, surrounded him and started commenting on him. If this was Pakistan - it could turn into a mob attack and a very violent one!! ( 0:50 onwards is my concern)!

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