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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Infinite Seoul - Missing Seoul!

Victor Kim in front of King Sejong @ Gwanghwamun (Seoul)

I am missing Seoul not that I was outgoing or hitting parties etc. but the sense of freedom, safety and an atmosphere to enjoy bits and pieces of Seoul make me Seoulsick! I found "myself" or let us say "my soul" in Seoul, South Korea. I have to admit that I am indebted to Korea enormously.

Some of my lifes' best experiences took place here. I finished my graduate studies here. I taught at a university here. I got my best compliments here and the list is endless. I have to admit that every moment in the last ten years has been worthwhile. The upside of living in Seoul was that I came across different forms of arts that enriched me. Music and dance plays an important role in Korea at all levels and are creating waves. I was introduced to BBoys and the hip-hop culture on the streets of Seoul about 9 years ago. Since then, it never ceased to amaze me. If I have to name one country that is the best when it comes to hip-hop dancing  -  my reply will be: Korea. Korean Bboys are fantastic and some of the most memorable and excellent performances I have come across in my life - are from Korea.

In the US, Jay Park (Park, Jae-baum/박재범) and Victor Kim are two famous names - who have earned the respect as Bboys and are darn good at it . They have made their way in Korean pop culture and have been doing good in music as well. When they dance, it seems like they don't have any bones in their body.

Jay Park and Victor Kim visited Seoul, on the invitation by Korean government last year around this time, to participate in Fever Seoul - in which there was the Bbpy dance battle amongst the performers- actually Korea versus the Rest of the World.  I have to say that the local Bboys scene in Korea is truly competative and as everybody knows , for Korean performers, there is a cutthroat competition to get to the top. They proved to be the world's best - some are even better than two dancers I mentioned above.

Here is a video where Jay Park alongside other crew memebers is performing in Seoul at the famous tourist spots such as Cheongyechon, Gyeongbokgung, Myongdong, Seoul Tower and Han River etc. :

Victor Kims's practicing the moves can be seen here:

Some local BBoys from Korea can be seen here(partcipating in Monster Jam 2011)...they are a treat to wach!

All the performances are very entertaining and my tip is that if you visit Seoul don't miss a BBOYS performance.

Bboys battle in Gwanghwamun, Seoul for Fever Seoul, held in 2010 in which world's top Bboys battled aganist the Korean Bboys, a move by Korean government to give recognition to their very own BBoys and at the same time using soft power of branding Korea very successfully.

Some of the top finalist of Fever Seoul were
Bboy Yoriyas (Morocco)
Bboy Bruce Lee (Korea)
BboyAtomic Goofball (USA)
Bboy Redo (Netherland)
Bboy Drama (Italy)

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