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Monday, December 31, 2012

 It's the last day of 2012 and so I wish everyone a smooth sailing into the 365 days of 2013 and beyond. Actually, I think that this year (2012) came and slipped away without being noticed. I can't believe how fast it has passed compared to all other years and how much has changed and yet remained the same.
A lot of things happened, some significant, some good and some painful. That defines life. Many people that we knew through family, friends or otherwise left us - they are no more but we'll miss them a lot in years to come for nobody can fit in their shoes or fill the huge gap that their untimely departure has created.
It is this year, that I've completed my 10 years of stay in South Korea and honestly, it just seems like yesterday when I first came here. I'm still struggling, I still suck at Korean language and I still have no clue what future holds for me here. I still feel that as a woman of color I am gonna be left out BUT one thing is for sure...I FEEL SAFE IN KOREA. Even though I'm living here alone for a little over a year and for the first time in my life - I feel SAFE. When I go out and about, I know that nothing will happen. NOTHING. This makes Korea -  heaven on earth, at least for me. It is wonderful that women are given some space here - I carry no burden of fear, of harassment or of abuse. I value it more than anything!
When I look at women in South Asia in particular - those living in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal etc. it breaks my heart. It breaks my heart because we all have to fight for mere basic survival as a 'normal' woman. It breaks my heart because we are living in some of the "most protective" of societies in the world but we are the least protected once outside our homes. 
Whether we are young or we get older, whether it was yesterday or it is today, whether we are at school or we are at work, whether we are poor or rich - we have NEVER felt safe and probably will NEVER feel safe!  The way women are treated by the "significant others"(and here I mean men) in our societies - it makes me sick. They may not hurt the women with whom they are connected through blood or tribe or social position etc. but every other woman is at a huge risk of being harassed by these men - men of honor and those who can go as far as killing for honor. These men come in all shapes and varieties - just like onion - layer after layer after layer and you will will never know  what you are up against!
I hope that we, as women, could some day go to school without the fear of being harassed and insulted in one way or the other. Just because  we are women. I hope it stops and I hope that the mothers of today teach their sons basic ethics and moral values for without them - this world is indeed a dangerous place -every day and every hour until we are no more. 
Women were the biggest losers of 2012 - they were shot down, raped, kidnapped, abused  around the world but particularly in South Asia. I hope that 2013 and beyond turns out to be a good one for them. I hope that we start to feel safe in our homeland - our homes and our neighborhoods. I hope that we can call our country of origin - a safe heaven too.
I really hope that people and especially men - irrespective of their age - learn to respect - it doesn't cost anything.
I wish everybody a safe, peaceful and a progressive 2013.
Loads of doas for Pakistan - may 2013 be a better year for the country and for its people!
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