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Sunday, April 10, 2011

INCHEON Airport: Korea (9 April 2011) -1

Incheon Airport is ranked the World's Best Airport for past 4 consecutive years. No wonder that the facilities and the importance given to customers is their priority. I also worked as an intern at the Incheon Airport - which is one of the best work experiences so far.

While comparing it with other airports it is the cleanest and the most 'passanger friendly airport of the world. WiFi facility at the airport is free - which is unbelievable because if one travels to Americas, or Europe and probably anywhere - we have to pay for it - mos of the time. NAVER'S Internet cafe at Incheon Airport is a great facility and a fabulous idea to provide a huge space with top of the line, latest brands of laptops - coming in all the beautiful colors (by Samsung) are also free to use for customers in this cosy space. If you do not have a computer or if your computer is locked in your baggage then do NOT worry - just look for the Naver's Internet Cafe after checking in.

Another very cute thing is to visit "Experience Korea" corner: This is in collaboration with Korea tourism Organization - here yo can make stuff with Hanji or do stone printing etc. - all for free.

Besides that Sauna, motel, hotel, restaurants, cafes are endless with very economical price range. Cleanest bathrooms and other state of the art facilities top class. They have set very high standards where they wanna facilitate and not charge anything for their remarkable services. IIAC has really earned their ranking!
On the runway
Towards gates for boarding.
Different facilities for the visitors: in 10 years they have achieved the unachievable.
Front of the plane I took for Beijing.
Back of the plane I took for Beijing
NAVER's Internet Cafe (free)/ I used the orange one behind this one!
To gates
Internet Cafe (drinks, printing, surfing)
Waiting for subway for the various gates!
I wonder where does it fit in for Louis Vuitton message!
On my way to Incheon Airport
Inside the bus to the airport, it takes 65 min. and 12$. (
It took 1 hour 40 min. to get to Beijing!

Beijing is trying hard but have a long way to go.... nevertheless, staff is very friendly with Pakistanis :D


  1. Hello there~
    I've been through some research when I just found this blog. What you say is very interesting because I'm looking for an internship in Korea, and I've though applying at Incheon airport, but I'm not sure they'll accept foreigners like me (I'm actually French ^^)
    So, do you mind me asking you some questions about this? Like: how was your intern-life like? Did you speak korean before this? What kind of tasks were you given?
    I'll be very pleased if you can contact me~

  2. Hello Hisa,

    Thanks for leaving your comments. Well, my internship at Incheon airport was a memorable one. They usually hire grad students studying at Korean universities. If you come to Korea as an exchange student there is likelihood of you getting accepted. Korean language proficiency is NOT important there but knowing Korean is an added skill and is appreciated. I was working with one of the managers doing reports, collecting data etc.

  3. Hello :)

    I'm currently going on an exchange in Korea and I really love this place, so now I started searching for some internship opportunities in Korea. Do you mind me asking you: How did you find your internship opportunity in Incheon Airport?

    Thanks :)


  4. Hi Jessie,

    I was a full-time student at the time and hence, eligible for an internship however, if you are coming as an exchange student to Korea then during summer or winter vacations internships are offered. probably you will be here for at least a semester, I supppose. You can apply for an internship through your university of exchange. All universities announces intership opportunities for the students. Moreover, the internship is for MA or PhD students and NOT for language or undergraduate students.
    All the best!

  5. Heyyy really nice report !!
    Can we talk in private??๐Ÿ˜ถ๐Ÿ˜ถ๐Ÿ˜ถ