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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Malala at Hilton, Seoul

The Bravest Girl in the World - Newsweek

On Day One of Touch Korea Tour sponsored by buzz Korea and Korea Tourism Organization we  finally arrived at Grand Hilton, Seoul where we were staying. As soon as I reached the reception, I saw a stack of magazines with Malala at it's front page. I picked one copy up and while on my way to the room, my friends saw the cover photo and instantly recognized Malala. They came from as far away as Japan and Brazil but they knew about this horrendous incident....and really wondered how can one point and shoot at school girls...unless they are psycho.

They are right, this does not happen even in war zones.
On my recent visit to Pakistan, I had a feeling that it has changed a lot beyond recognition in every single way...and sadly for all the wrong reasons....but still, I'm hopeful that we will turn the tide.

Anyways, back to the magazine, the heart-warming article was written by Shehrbano Taseer, daughter of the slain Governor of Punjab, Salman Taseer - read it HERE.

All one can say is that  what happened with Malala is sad, actually shameful yet inspiring all at the same time. This brave and exceptional "little girl" will be in our prayers and Insha Allah will be just fine and so will be her other friends that got injured. However, we should NOT forget her classmates and hundreds and thousands of other young Pakistani girls in rural Pakistan and even in cities who are harassed and abused on daily basis on their way to school. Our children, especially the girls, need our support, a safer environment and trust.

A few years ago, I met senators from Pakistan in Seoul and among them were: Mushahid Hussain Sayed, S.M. Zafar, Maulana Samiul Haq etc. - all from Foreign Relations Committee of the Senate of Pakistan. Senator Mushahid Hussein asked me to choose ONE good thing about Korea that I appreciate the most and I replied: "Seoul is the safest place for women in the world" and I wish we could feel the same in our own country or other Muslim countries. I further told him that no matter what time of a day or night you go out, no matter how crowded or isolated the place you will be...it is impossible that anything will happen to you because you are a girl/woman.  No fear of being stalked or stared at or any sort of shit we get to hear in South Asia in particular and other places in general may happen...it is next to impossible. This is why I LOVE Korea.

When I meet people I always hear about this or that reason for loving Korea, usually K-Pop, Hallyu etc, in general but for me.... I love Korea because I feel safe here as a woman.Once I enter Korea - sense of safety liberates me from so many unnecessary worries and believe me it is a beautiful feeling.

Anyhow a very nice article by Angelina Jolie on Malala "We All are Malala"  is here.

A big hug for all the Pakistani girls and especially for Malala...get well soon!