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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Touch Korea Tour- Gangnam Style (Day-3) : PSY's Dance Lesson, Garosu-gil, Samsung d'light

Thanks goes to buzz KOREA and Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) again for giving us an opportunity to learn PSY's 'Gangnam Style' dance and  song (K-Pop Dance/Song) by  a professional team of two most wonderful and passionate instructors from Korea’s hottest annual audition program, “Super Star K”. 

They had passion and patience both so if you wanna learn K-Pop dances or songs then you can join their studio called: Sand Factory located in Daechi-dong ....!

For an entire day full of activities, we had to leave Paju for Seoul quite early in the morning coz it was a week day and traffic jams often get nasty. 

First we had coffee at a nearby cafe and then we headed straight to the studio.During the coffee break everybody was busy ...

BTW. to become a part of such an event isn't difficult at all...all one has to do is to sign up for buzz Korea's online community or Korea Tourism Organization. Anyone who is into SNS or who blogs or vlogs can become a part of "Touch Korea" campaign. buzz KOREA is the official site of Korea Tourism Organization and through this global online communication platform numerous events and promotions are launched all the year round. Day at Garosugil, Gangnam was covered by Hanguk Ilbo here.

Touch Korea Tour group was divided into 2 teams comprising of 6 persons each which later lead to a dance battle. 

Learning and practicing both - Psy's dance and the song!

I literally could not dance to the simple steps of Gangnam Style…if I made one right step, the very next second, I took 3 or  4 wrong steps – no wonder my team lost because of me (Sorry, guys!!!)

After K-Pop stuff we left for lunch at a very awesome restaurant called: Samwon Garden(visit their website) -  to eat Bibimbap. 

 The interior and the exterior of it was impressive. It was a mélange of modern yet very traditional from inside out. 

Bibimbap was very delicious and banchan - simply rocked!!!

Beautiful adjacent garden was breathtaking with three water falls….a small pond and a really beautiful pavilion – an ideal place to experience Koren culture – both food and architecture in the heart of Gangnam.
and the water fall along the tea house...

After a huge lunch, I felt very lazy and sleepy but we had to move for shopping at Garosu-gil Road in Sinsa Dong. 

TKT group couldn't escape the fever of walking in Gangnam style while in Gangnam...that was very funny....

Garosu-gil is an interesting place. Below is one of the walls that was full of graffiti...

and some more...

shop until you drop....lol

I loved this place called 'theory'...

and then...just another window..

We visited A land a 5-story store and Smile Market.

Garosu-gil has both high-end stores as well as those relatively new in business. Shops and stores were very cute and artsy.

....and this pencil holder in the shape of Volkswagen's Microbus reminded me of my school days --- back then, we used to go to school on them....the research center where my dad worked got them as a gift from World Health Organization (WHO)....

Finally we visited Samsung d'light Shop located at the headquarters of Samsung. 

 It must be a “MUST VISIT STOP” for everyone who visits Seoul. 

It has everything that Samsung has created thus far and is on the road shown in the picture above that I took or simply identify this curvy building with wave shaped facades ( shown in the picture below)  called GT tower (well, we have GT Road - nobody can miss that either) ;-) stand out in Gangnam, a creation of Dutch architectural firm and is clearly one of the my favorit. Locate GT Tower and Samsung d'light is across from it on the first floor of Samsung HQ....

 The main attraction for younger kids there is the interactive games, huge LCD screens and play stations – where kids were glued.  

 Some of the parents seemed to be in trouble because their kids just didn't want to leave. 

This place is an important  trendsetter in IT and electronic K-wave in the world!  
Samsung headquarters are located in the heart of Gangnam - get off at Gangnam Station, take exit 3 and turn right - you will see this huge structure of steel and glass.....nobody can miss it while in Gangnam or simply locate GT Tower.

We then moved for dinner at Mui Mui in in Cheongdam, Apgujong - a very hip place for "Anju" or food that you eat with your drinks. The place was very, very, very cool with comfortable sofa seats and a big terrace upstairs. 

As an appetizer we were served a special Ttokpoke and fried chicken and in main course we had 3 choices amongst Bibimbap: Kimchi, Bulgogi and Doinjang…..

Food was great....

The best thing to do after dinner was to visit: Pierrot Strike in Apgujeong for bowling. 

Our team won actually and we got some great gifts in the end. Simply loved it, I remember how much I have avoided bowling over the years but anyhow, it is never too late and literally I enjoyed it a lot...so don't hesitate and try your hands at everything!!!

We finally left for Oakwood Premier Coex Center at Samsung-dong, Gangnam for rest.

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More on what happened...stay tuned...;-)