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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

TOUCH KOREA TOUR -Day 5: buzz KOREA Awards Day (Seoul)

The final leg of our Touch Korea Tour sponsored fully by buzz Korea and Korea Tourism Organization brought us to the Lotte World. Anyone can enjoy Korea by signing up with buzz Korea or Korea Tourism Organization and can become part of their awesome campaigns. Hurry up and sign up!
buzz KOREA (http://www.ibuzzkorea.com/eng/) is an online community platform that allows users to share and upload content about Korea and its tourism. buzz KOREA members share their blog posts, photos and videos about their stories and experiences to help others discover the hidden attractions of Korea.

The “Touch Korea Tour” campaign (http://www.ibuzzkorea.com/touchkoreatour/eng) provides participants with the opportunity to tangibly experience Korea in person. Participants of this tour travel throughout Korea, exploring the various attractions and sights of the country. In turn, they help spread other travelers find unique destinations and activities to try. 

kicked off by visiting Lotte World - world's largest indoor amusement park in Seoul, had fun on roller coaster and other rides and after having lunch -  Samgaethang - ( I'll do a seperate post on this) left for 2012 buzz KOREA Awards at "Beyond Museum".

They were covered by "allpop dot com" and Korea dot net among others.

It was an  important day for us since we were heading for 2012 buzz Korea Awards to receive our awards. The venue was “Beyond Museum”. 

Excellent arrangements were made by Korea Tourism Organization. 

Performance by the honorary ambassadors of KTO: miss A and 2PM was electrifying. We also enjoyed the performance by PSY (junior) too on the famous song: Gangnam Style. 

This program was hosted by Ricky Kim – actor/model. 

Part of these awards was hosted by a famous comedian...(pic. above)..
Blogs and other SNS winners also got awards. I won the award for “Communicator of the Year”. 

We were interviewed by media personnel and journalists from Korea and abroad. 

2PM and miss A made guest appearance and also performed some of their famous singles....... 

A Malaysian and an Indonesian blogger were both part of the Touch Korea Tour : Fun Team and during dinner, I got to know Erry Andriyati - she gave me a very pretty gift too- a souvenir from Indonesia. Hey Erry ...thanks (pics. of Eerie are below second from left). She told me that she couldn’t believe this to be real.

The prize money was huge and she would like to save it for her kids education and btw. she has a son and a daughter.

We left for dinner and were later joined by Ricky Kim. He is a very down to earth and modest person….a guy next door. I love the way, Korean K-Pop actors, singers or stars in general are so sweet with their fans.
One of our friends Naoko from Japan - brought this fan's FAN to cheer Thaekyon of 2PM.

PSY junior was so cute, he appeared in the song with PSY and when I called him to come near us, he actually did and even posed for me...^^ (pic. below).

By the way, I found out that miss A's SUZY (수지) is super popular from boys to men...:-) She is actually very cute.

 Overall, we got to meet some really wonderful people from around the world and this was the biggest reward and award to be a part of buzz Korea and KTO. When I started blogging a little over a year ago – I never had thought that I’ll experience any such thing through blogging and that too about my life in Korea. Recognition of our work feels really food..

I started this blog for a break from studies or research. I’m so thankful to Korea Tourism Organization and buzz Korea for appreciating the SNS community and the bloggers in particular.. 

There is no other country like KOREA and I’m thankful to them from the bottom of my heart for taking so good care of us for an entire week, giving us a chance to stay in Five-Star hotels and experience some of the most fantastic food and tourist spots which I would have missed out otherwise. 

I’m really thankful to the staff of KTO and buzz Korea who were very thoughtful of every single detail as well as individual needs of the participants. THANK YOU buzz KOREA and Korea Tourism Organization – Love YOU!