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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Kamran Faisal Dead - Investigative Officer Murdered

It is hardly 24 hours that we heard about the sad demise of Kamran Faisal, he was found dead, hanging from a ceiling fan in his bedroom in officer's hostel. He was 33 years old and left behind 2 young daughters the eldest has just started a kindergarten this month. Police called it a suicide however, his father said that he has been murdered, his cousin said that:  
"Kamran would do anything but not commit suicide. That’s something we know for sure. He was killed. And there was no doubt about it."
 In Pakistan the only suicide is by suicide bombers and that's my strong belief. The rest of them are plain and simple murders. Kamran Faisal was an unknown public servant until yesterday. He was a Deputy Director at the National Accountability Bureau's (NAB) and was assigned a task to carry out investigation on Prime Minister (PM) of Pakistan in rental power project (RPP) corruption case for which Supreme Court of Pakistan had ordered PM's arrest. (Must read this). Two officers (Col. Sadiq and Kamran Faisal) who were investigating this case were suspended by the NAB chief (very typical - Pakistani style) earlier.

In Pakistan, we tend to forget news quite easily but for me the death of former Labor Minister Mr. Omar Asghar Khan  is still fresh in my mind who was found dead hanging from a ceiling fan (read HERE) . He was the son of Air Marshal (retd.) Asghar Khan and was among the very few, well deserved and highly educated politicians. Police called his death a suicide but it was proved wrong. It was suggested that there was this possibility that the Omar was first given sedatives and, upon his going unconscious, was hanged. 

Now, in the case of Kamran Faisal I'm very sure that he has been killed in exactly the same manner as Omar. Unlike many countries including South Korea where suicide is committed frequently, I believe that despite tough lives and depression, Pakistanis do NOT commit suicide no matter how odd the events in their lives turn. One of the reasons is a religious view on suicide: it is forbidden in Islam. In Quran it says: It is He Who give life and who take it, and to Him shall we all be brought back. [10;56]. 

 Unfortunately, Islam was being twisted for political gains by mullahs or religious power houses on and off again. In 1980's PLO used the suicide bombers as means to end their suffering for Israel's atrocities. Religious scholars through a fatwa called upon committing suicide as an absolutely O.K act. That was the beginning of the suicide bombers however, I saw another story here ( on who was the first suicide bomber), can't verify it though.

Back to suicides, just last week, we saw  the case of Aaron Swartz - how he was bullied by the US governments  through DoJ and how he ended his life. We must not forget that governments around the world are responsible for the death of people who they seem as agents working contrary to their vested interest.One more honest officer down...how unfortunate!

In Pakistan, this is just another death, a tamasha for the Pakistani media, and the culprits will roam free. Justice is denied again and this incident is a reminder for the rest of the people to shut up and not to mess with the politicians, industrialists, feudals - the power hungry  - who make up the government of Pakistan. It is also a reminder  for what awaits an honest  person in Pakistan and what price they have to pay. Morally correct and honest people are surely marginalized and targeted in Pakistan and no wonder that we see a brain drain in this country.